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Hosting Automation

Do you really need to buy softwares upfront at such heavy investments ? There are more cost-effective solutions. IndSoft Systems offers Hosting Automations Softwares at highly affordable rates software lease. You pay for Microsoft and other software licenses with a monthly schedule and only for the time you need them.

The applications are installed at your company and accessed locally.

This solution allows you to keep up with the latest software releases and you are free from the older, obsolete versions.

You do not incur any ownership costs for the licensed software, e.g. for the purchase of successive versions, implementations, environment maintenance by qualified administrators or continuous education in newer versions.

Thanks to us you will no longer have to waste time and money on a complete IT infrastructure. Host Up offers management, updates and full technical support for your company, so you can concentrate on the most important thing - your business.

Advantage of Host Up Services

  • No high fees for purchase
  • No implementation costs
  • No problems with updates
  • Opex Model

Full cost estimation with a monthly payment plan which constitutes the total expenditure of the company on IT infrastructure; Access to professional software which had previously been beyond the reach of smaller enterprises.

Software license sales

If you are interested in purchasing software licenses - especially for specialist software - you are in good hands. Thanks to our partnership programs we can offer you extremely attractive pricing and licensing terms. We offer software from the most significant companies in the industry.