Security practices and controls

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Security practices and controls

We have ensured that we use the best available technology for security/ protection. We use 128-bit SSL, and have various levels of security to ensure that unauthorized access is not possible. We have a dedicated team that supervises the systems, 24x7 in our data center.

Account Security and Passwords

Cyberls uses a secure shopping cart for your protection and ease of shopping. For your security and protection please do not email credit card or other personal information! Keeping unauthorized users from accessing your account is the first and most basic step in protecting your personal information. Here are a few tips on creating a strong password:
* Make your password at least eight characters long.
* Include at least one number in your password, preferably in between letters.
* Vary between upper- and lower-case letters.
* Use acronyms or abbreviations instead of common names of family members, pets, sports teams, etc.
* Don't use the same password for every site or login.
* Cyberls requires you to change your password(s) every six months, but encourages you to do so more frequently.

Viruses and Spyware

They're two of the most common cyber threats, yet many people don't really understand what spyware and viruses are or how to protect themselves. Cyberls Includes built-in encryption, anti-virus screening, powerful spam filter, fraud protection and more to fight against viruses and spyware.

How customers can protect themselves transacting online

Before shopping online, consumers should make sure their web browser is set to the highest level of security notification and monitoring, and should also make sure they have the most recent version of their browser.

Also, consumers should keep an eye out for the closed padlock icon (Secure padlock icon) at the bottom of the screen, which indicates that their personal details are being protected when sent over the internet. Clicking on the padlock allows users to see if the supplier has an encryption certificate. Only use companies that have this certificate and use secure transaction technology.

How does your browser protect you and your data?

Most modern web browsers, such as Internet Explorer Firefox,Opera etc, support 'secure mode' and standard security protocols. Internet Explorer can warn you if the site you are about to send payment details to is secure or insecure. To make this happen, select OPTIONS on the VIEW menu and then click the SECURITY tab. Once all of the warning boxes have been ticked, Internet Explorer will automatically alert you each time you send your private details to another site.


Steps for Cancellation
Step 1 : Login to your client area at .
Step 2 : Click on MyServices menu on the top .
Step 3 : Click on the green button on the right side of your Product/Service where you want to cancel.
Step 4 : Click on the "Request cancellation" button at the bottom of the page.
Step 5 : Briefly Describe your reason for Cancellation , Select the cancellation type from the dropdown box and clickon "Request cancellation" button.

Delivery Mode & Time Taken

The products will be delivered online .
For Shared and Reseller hosting, your account is created as soon as the payment/transaction completes successfully.
For VPS-es the product is delivered in less than 24 hours after payment/transaction is completed.
For dedicated servers, it takes a maximum of 72 hours after the payment is received.

Steps for Registration

Step 1 : Visit the page and fill in the fields of the registration form . Step 2 : Click on "Click to Continue" button on the bottom of the page.


Cyberls is a dedicated, industry leading, and profitable web hosting company that was founded to meet the demands of a changing web hosting industry. Cyberls's founders are internet professionals with more than a decade of experience in the web hosting, web development, and web programming industries. We recognized the changing needs of webhosting industry and felt that the market didn't provide that adequately enough. Our stable infrastructure and innovative ideas collaberated with the modern cutting edge technology made us a source for unending possibilities in the hosting sector.